Oktoberfest…Cooking In The Kitchen With Chef Josef Lageder


We had the pleasure of having Chef Josef to our home to cook an authentic Oktoberfest meal. Of course we had a group of friends here as we all attentively observed his tips and tricks. Beers from around the globe were flowing and laughter ensued. The menu included: Classic Wiener Schnitzel, a refreshing Cucumber Salad and Buttered Scallion Green Peas Rice. But of course Chef Josef can’t do anything just “simple”. He always steps up his game and in this case he expanded...

Recipe: Salmon Asian Marinade

Everyone asks for this recipe and can be used on other fish…Enjoy!

Ingredients: For Four Servings

-2 cloves of Garlic finely minced (I use cubed frozen Garlic from Trader Joes near veges)

-4-5 tablespoons of Sesame Oil (I get mine at Trader Joes)

-1/4 cup Olive Oil

-3 tablespoons of vegetable oil

-2 tablespoons of Soy Sauce

-2 tablespoons of Rice Vinegar

-Juice from ½ of lemon

-1/2 Cup (or less) of Green Onions-finely chopped with minimal white...

Recipe: Cooking Breakfast… Apple Pastry Rosettes

This is a delicious breakfast treat and so easy to make!!
You can even do it ahead and place in the refrigerator to
cook a few hours later.




-3 Red Apples (baking apples)

-Juice from ½ lemon

-1/4 cup of Preserves/Jam  (I used Manassero Farms Strawberry or Orange Marmalade Jam... but any flavor that goes with apple)  Note: Add 1-2 tablespoons of water to make it...

Recipe: Turkey Chili- Delicious & So Easy Peasy

This is one of my favorite “go-to” comfort meals for a day of football or hanging around for a marathon movie day! With just two do-ahead items cooked, this can be assembled in short order. Enjoy! (Serves about 14)



Ingredients for Chili:

-2 Pounds of Ground Turkey Meat

- 1 Package of Spices – Chili Mixture

-2 Medium onions, diced

-1 30 oz. can of diced Tomatoes

-1 30 oz. can of chopped Tomatoes

-1 14.5 oz....

Holiday Recipes: Cooking With Chef Chris Tzorin and Manny X Velasco

Thanksgiving Recipes...We enjoyed a cooking class with Chris Tzorin and Manny X Velasco at Luna Kutsi in Santa Ana. Somehow they made it look so easy
how to make some extra special holiday favorites. These are general ingredients from which these recipes can be executed for those who cook….




In January….

Look for the ChrisTzorin’s Partida Reposado Tequila Dinner at Luna Kutsi in Santa Ana.
Manny Velasco and...

Living Like a Local In Italy—Means Cooking With The Chefs!

Living Like A Local- Even though it was only for a week, we so enjoyed our time in a 19th Century Villa adjacent to a winery in the hills of Umbria. The winery next door is a family run operation and a fabulous resource for our stay. We visited Poggio Bertaio Winery enjoying  a private tour of the facility and vineyards, followed by a delicious wine pairing with a selection of...