IMG_7540 FINALThis is a delicious breakfast treat and so easy to make!!
You can even do it ahead and place in the refrigerator to
cook a few hours later.




-3 Red Apples (baking apples)

-Juice from ½ lemon

-1/4 cup of Preserves/Jam  (I used Manassero Farms Strawberry or Orange Marmalade Jam… but any flavor that goes with apple)  Note: Add 1-2 tablespoons of water to make it thinner.


-3 tablespoons of cinnamon

-2- boxes of Puff Pastry (the two packages in each box create 6 strips)

-Powdered Sugar to dust them upon cooling

Note: Need one Muffin Tin, rolling pin.




-Set the Puff Pastry out to defrost (takes about 20 minutes).

-Core the apples, cut in half and slice fairly thin.

-Place in Pyrex bowl of water with juice of ½ a lemon. Cook in microwave on high for total of 5-7 minutes, or until bendable as they will be gently folder and need to be pliable.

-Cut the puff pastry in strips and roll out slightly.

-Use a spoon to place a thin layer of the preserve on the length of the puff pastry on the left side.

-Sprinkle with Cinnamon.

-Along the right side layer the apple slices down the entire length of the puff pastry.

-Fold the puff pastry over from left to right, letting the edges of the apples show.

-Beginning at the end closest to you, start to gently roll the puff pastry, creating a rose design.

-Place in the Muffin Tin one by one. (You can make as many or as few as you desire.)

-Bake at 375 degrees for 35-45 minutes until done and the puff pastry is lightly browned.

-Remove carefully and place on cooling rack.

-Once cooled, dust with powdered sugar, or do this step as you serve them instead.

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