I want to whisk you away with me, on brief adventures—both near and far.
And what is so incredible, is that with this web site, I am able to do just that. Through the written word I can shape the story, with photos paint the picture, and with video I can bring you along with me! This web site is my anchor for content, and social media such as Facebook and Pintrest make it magical and all so instantaneous. How fantastic is that?

I enjoy sharing information about my experiences and what I do—-so in essence this site features:

    • Travel, Resorts, Spas & GetawaysExplore resorts, inns and cruises and destinations from around the globe–and local “backyard” getaways too! From historical haunts to “sneak away” local hide-outs. You may even get some ideas for your next outing! Under International travel you will find an article on “How To Do Machu Picchu Without Killing Yourself”! I have had numerous people use those insights to make their trip much more enjoyable. Bucket List item. Check!
    • Restaurants, Dining & CookingI’m a sleuth for the newest restaurants—that’s just sport for me. I write about restaurants—from the “newly opened” to my “charming classics”. I seek out creative menus, jaw-dropping spaces, and interviews with inventive chefs. I also hunt down trends in cooking—from: farm-to-table, sustainable, to cooking schools in Napa, France & Italy, fresh ingredients, spices & olive oils and of course cooking tips gathered along the way. It’s a menagerie of cooking fun.
    • Spas, Lifestyle and Day Trippin’From Spa Reviews, to garden tours, and local spots for a one day adventure. This is sheer spontaneous fun while out-and-about. I uncover secret spots that are worth the jaunt, and ways to easily get all the facts you need to go enjoy these finds.
    • Wines & WineriesFrom wine & cave tours, to the romantic setting of the vineyards and wineries themselves. Each one has their own personality. Even the process of winemaking and selection of vines—is all so interesting. I love to share my passion for wine. I am not an expert, but know what I like. I enjoy meeting winemakers too. I have traveled the globe tasting vino along the way—from Woodenville, Washington, to Burgundy, France, and even Beijing, China. However, I tend to focus on: Paso Robles, the Edna Valley, Napa, Sonoma and Alexander Valley. The fun is truly in the exploration!
    • Tech-Na-Travel– Apps, travel tips and websites are making it a very fun time to share information—in an interactive way. I identify sites, new Apps and programs that make dining, travel and planning easier. You know… the Apps you just can’t live without!

So, thanks for visiting the TastesAndTravel.com web site (or T&T as I refer to it), and please check back often. Send me your suggestions, ideas, comments. I am starting a quarterly T&T Newsletter in May so will add a button for readers to sign up. Right now I am writing about lots of local events and a trip we did to Paris, Budapest, Danube River, Vienna and Prague. It was epic and cannot wait to share more…


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