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One Of The Oldest Restaurants In Europe “La Couronne”

La Couronne in Rouen, France- Auberge La Couronne in Rouen on the du Vieux Marche was established in 1345. A long roll of parchment dating from 1364 provides the authenticity of the deeds. It was a tavern providing food and drink to weary travelers and locals alike. It is regarded as being the oldest restaurant in Europe, however its early beginnings included a tavern, so some argue it is not the first “restaurant” per se. The dilemma continues.

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Dinner at the Oldest Restaurant in Lyon, France

Enjoyed dinner off-ship at the Oldest Restaurant in Lyon... Brasserie Georges. The dining room reminds me of Musso and Frank's in old Hollywood, only on a much larger scale. There must be 150 tables, and by 8:30pm the restaurant was completely full.We had to have the Foie Gras since in CA they will ban it in July, which is a crime!!! Putting two farms out of business in CA as well. So, back to Foie Gras.... this was accompanied by a Chutney and toasted fig bread.
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