Spa Day

Spa Day

And Truly Enjoy Your Day of Relaxation….

A visit to the Spa should be a time of relaxation and reflection, but for some strange reason it can be a time of anxiousness. This short list will provide you with some ideas that will make your next Spa trip a fantastic experience. Remember, you so deserve this!!!

-Think Ahead for Which Treatment To Select
This sounds easier than it really is. How do you book a treatment two weeks out and know what you will want, or what your body needs when you arrive? Be realistic. Think what you are really up for—do you need a massage, a facial, or a body scrub? And what are the costs? Do you prefer a male, or female therapist? They will ask you about your preference at the time of your booking.

-Consider A Spa Workout
Arrive 1-2  hours ahead of any treatment if you would like to take advantage of the workout facilities. Typically they are “over the top” and well worth the effort.

-Access To A Spa “For The Day”
Most resorts will provide day passes for a fee to guests of the resort. A fee of $25 is typical and if you do not want to have a Spa Treatment, this can be a great way to enjoy the sauna, steam room, relaxation room, fitness center,  showers and other amenities of the Spa.

-Arrive At Least Thirty Minutes Early
Do yourself a big favor and arrive early. There is nothing worse than rushing into a Spa and then trying to instantly transcend into “relaxation mode.” When you arrive early you can leisurely tour the facilities, take a shower, change your clothes at a slower pace, and wait to meet your therapist.  Cup of tea anyone?

-What Is Provided In Most Spas
Most Spas provide the following items to make it easy for guests to come in and visit. This includes: lockers, towels, a robe, sandals, hair care products, lotions, mouth wash, razors, hair dryers, and some even have curling irons and flat irons.


-What To Pack
The best idea is to pack as though you are going to the gym. Here is a list of items to bring along: a comb or hair brush, deodorant, make up, bathing suit, a book or magazine, credit card, drivers license, emergency card, and a change of clothes depending on what “post spa” adventures you have planned.

-What Not To Pack
It is best to leave all valuables, phone and jewelry at home or in your guest room. Yes that includes rings, watches, earrings, bracelets, hair bobbles and the like.

-Getting Ready For Your Treatment
After your tour, find your locker. Pull out the robe and sandals, disrobe (yes everything) and slip the robe on. For those who are a bit shy—not to worry. You will be covered at all times with a towel during your treatment. Consider taking a quick shower, and perhaps a sauna to help relax you before you are greeted by your Therapist. Enjoy!

-Don’t Rush Off And Ruin That Relaxed –Zen Feel
Consider splashing in the pool, luxuriating in the sauna or steam room, or just curl up with a good book or magazine in the relaxation lounge and enjoy your respite after your treatment. This is your “me time”.

-Gratuities and Payment
Some Spas will request payment upon check-in, however most will request payment at the conclusion of your visit. They may encourage you to purchase products or offer some recommendations of items that you liked. Most Spas will apply a standard 18-20% gratuity on top of the fees for treatments. This is typically shared with the staff—from Therapist to Spa Attendants. You can of course, provide an additional gratuity to a specific person if desired.


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