After years of working on spa openings, writing spa brochures, and yes, interviewing men and women about spa-going— here are the four secrets I know all you guys out there are wondering about…. so here goes…and please pay it forward and get out there to enjoy a day at the spa!


1)    People They Don’t Know Touching Them
This can be a big concern for men, and the best suggestions I can offer are these:  a) Make a request at the time of booking the appointment for either a male or female Therapist. Sometimes that helps reduce the uneasiness.  b) pretend you are going to the doctor—and think of them as the professional. c) Have a glass of wine or a cocktail before going to the Spa. (However only one if you plan to go into the sauna.)


2)    Getting Naked
For some men disrobing is very uncomfortable. The Spa typically has a private dressing room. So if you would prefer to use, that by all means do that. For the sauna you can wrap yourself with a towel around the waist, or wear swim trunks. Not a problem. Also know that you will be covered at all times with a towel during your treatment.


3)    Wearing A Robe In Public
Some men feel very awkward walking around in their robe with others they do not know. I have discovered the reason why—they are afraid the robe will open up unexpectedly! So here is the trick—-take an extra towel and wrap that around your waist and then place the robe over that. This way you are ready to go when you want to step into the sauna, and should the robe slip open—-you will not feel, well, compromised.


4)    Relax….What Is That?
Remember this your “down time”— so bring a good book or magazine and carve out some time to just relax and do nothing. No phone, just you and your thoughts. Imagine that? Enjoy gentlemen, you so deserve this!

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  1. Great advice for my modest husband! I’ll be sure to share it with him.

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