One Of The Oldest Restaurants In Europe “La Couronne”

La Couronne in Rouen, France- Auberge La Couronne in Rouen on the du Vieux Marche was established in 1345. A long roll of parchment dating from 1364 provides the authenticity of the deeds. It was a tavern providing food and drink to weary travelers and locals alike. It is regarded as being the oldest restaurant in Europe, however its early beginnings included a tavern, so some argue it is not the first “restaurant” per se. The dilemma continues.

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The Bistro Setting

Re-tracing Movie Locations in The South of France

Exploring Luberon in The South of France ~ Often "the destination” itself guides me on my pathway for a trip, yet this time my itinerary was inspired entirely by a movie!  I wanted to re-trace the steps and locations featured in the movie "A Good Year."  Join me on this fanciful adventure as we meander our way through the south of France, and see the impressive haunts and hideaways where this mesmerizing movie was filmed.


Exploring Paris In Three Days Flat!

This is the first in a Series of adventures in Paris that can provide an easy guide to anyone wanting to explore this City of Lights, the south of France, the Luberon Hill-top towns and everything in-between. From museums, to dining, to hide-aways, watch for weekly articles to add to your planning guide for Paris!

Now Doesn’t It All Start In Paris?

Our recent trip to France was two years in the making and is...

Happy Birthday Julia! We Adore & Salute You!

A trip to Paris, France is not complete for me without a trip to E. Dehillerin. Tucked on a quiet side street----lined with shade trees----is the mecca of culinary tools and copper-ware. They are the self-described "Specialists of Materials for Cuisine". This establishment has been in existence since 1820 which is almost impossible to comprehend. However that is until you walk in the front door.

The store is chock-full with equipment heavy and light, classic and new, stainless and copper....

Starting Provence River Boat Tour

The river cruise is getting underway. This morning we visited the town of Beaune, and the Musee de L'Hotel-Dieu. This was a hospital for the sick dating back to the 14th Century. The roof tiles are enamel and were re-done 100 years ago. They are brightly colored in green, red, black, brown and off-white. Traveling to a wine cave that dated to the 18th century we tasted two whiles, two reds,, and a cassis. Heading downstream this afternoon and the leisurely pace makes for great nappping...

Tastes and Travel - France River Cruise

Fantastic Find in Cucuron, France

We found it! After a long and fun drive thru small towns and forests, we arrived in Cucuron. This was on the list to have a "sneak peek" at the movie location for a specific scene in the movie "A Good A Year". The hunt was on to find the spot where Max and his love interest had a first date in a romantic setting in front of a pond. An orchestra was playing at the far side, and then an old movie ran. Well --- right up until the torrential rain started to fall. I paint this picture since this...

Tucked Away- Hilltop Towns Of Luberon

Beginning our exploration of the Luberon area of France, just east of Avignon.
The hilltop towns are rich in history and I have a list of special locations that were
used as locations for the movie "A Good Year" which was based on a Peter Mayle
novel. More to come so stay tuned....

Welcome To Avignon

What a lovely Walled City this is right on the Rhone River.
We also see the barges across the river, which is actually a small

Have visited some amazing markets, both indoor (Les Halles) and outdoor
markets (Marche), and look forward to sharing photos and details on the
amazing discoveries. Also did an interview with the Chef and cannot wait to
share more on that as well.

Stay tuned!

Dinner at the Oldest Restaurant in Lyon, France

Enjoyed dinner off-ship at the Oldest Restaurant in Lyon... Brasserie Georges. The dining room reminds me of Musso and Frank's in old Hollywood, only on a much larger scale. There must be 150 tables, and by 8:30pm the restaurant was completely full.We had to have the Foie Gras since in CA they will ban it in July, which is a crime!!! Putting two farms out of business in CA as well. So, back to Foie Gras.... this was accompanied by a Chutney and toasted fig bread.
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