This is exciting news for Irvine, California! Right near UCI, a Sgt. Pepperoni’s Pizza Store is now open on Campus Drive (near the Albertson’s market). This is their third location here in Orange County. They have been delivering “love” and “pizza” since 1976 in Newport Beach (on Bristol near Irvine Blvd.). Then last year they opened a second location in Aliso Viejo. And now in Irvine too!  I met the owners on a recent visit to their grand opening. They were all there welcoming guests and you can just tell the sense of pride in the big smiles they all were wearing. One of the Owners, Jeff Roberts, filled me in on how this group all got together. It is four families that all met on the athletic fields while their kids were playing various sports. That is how I made so many friends too, when my son was young. They all have their own specialties and that is ideal when forming a partnership. I also had the pleasure to meet the Irvine Store Manager, Shoe Schoemann. He is hands-on and very friendly.

There is a lovely patio, indoor seating, a seven seat bar and of course To Go too! Soon they will be adding the most popular “delivery services” to the mix. They are serving 13 beers on tap, Truly Seltzer, wine and sodas. The tap showcases many of our CA faves, such as: Firestone 805, Hangar 24- Betty IPA, Gunwhale, Calidad, Stereo Brewing, Avery Brewing, Beachwood, Stone, etc.  They are open daily from 11:00am to 9:00pm (and once school is in full gear they may stay open later on the weekends). Wi-Fi and an arcade welcome the community, students and families to come in and stay for a bit.

Sgt. Pepperoni’s is Orange County’s longest operating pizzeria,” said Stan Frazier, one of the partners of Sgt. Pepperoni’s.  “We are humbled to expand our local legacy and now serve the foodies, families and students of Irvine and beyond.”

The sauces and dough are made fresh in-house daily, using the finest local ingredients. The recipes originated from Long Island, NY and were refined over the years. When I walked in the door, right there to the right is a display case with all these amazing pizzas! Guests can order an entire pizza—or by the slice.

On The Menu-
The menu offers a robust line-up of hand-crafted pizzas, pizza pinwheels, appetizers, salads, sandwiches and even desserts!  The do offer a 10” Gluten Free pizza and the guest can add the toppings they like best.

The Pinwheels are awesome and come in three different options: Meatball and Ricotta, Spinach & Broccoli and Pepperoni.

Whole pizzas that are 14” range from $14-$21, and the 18” range in price from $19-$29.50.  You can build your own pizza, or select from what they have staring at you in the window.  The pizzas in the window on the day I was visiting included the following: Cheese, Margarita, BBQ Chicken, Meatball & /Ricotta, Hawaii Five-O (with a bit of Pineapple), The Works, Pepperoni, Grandma’s Pie, Bronx Bomber, Buffalo Chicken, Veggie and Meats.

If you have not had these two appetizers, please do not even taste them. You will become addicted—- they are that good.  The Garlic Knots is pizza dough twisted and baked in garlic parmesan butter, and served with a side of marinara sauce for dipping. Oh my goodness! $6.00-$11.50.  Stan’s Meatballs were paraded around the patio and everyone kept following the server to see if there were any left. These are house-made meatballs made with pork, beef, pancetta and a hint of fennel, served with their homemade marinara sauce for $10.50.

The Details:

Web Site:  Click on the Irvine Location to see the menu.

Hours:  Open Daily 11:00am to 9:00pm

Location: 4533 Campus Dr. in Irvine

Meet Store Manager Shoe Schoemann

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