The Bistro Setting

Re-tracing Movie Locations in The South of France

Exploring Luberon in The South of France ~ Often "the destination” itself guides me on my pathway for a trip, yet this time my itinerary was inspired entirely by a movie!  I wanted to re-trace the steps and locations featured in the movie "A Good Year."  Join me on this fanciful adventure as we meander our way through the south of France, and see the impressive haunts and hideaways where this mesmerizing movie was filmed.


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Fantastic Find in Cucuron, France

We found it! After a long and fun drive thru small towns and forests, we arrived in Cucuron. This was on the list to have a "sneak peek" at the movie location for a specific scene in the movie "A Good A Year". The hunt was on to find the spot where Max and his love interest had a first date in a romantic setting in front of a pond. An orchestra was playing at the far side, and then an old movie ran. Well --- right up until the torrential rain started to fall. I paint this picture since this...

Afternoon R&R Overlooking Luberon

Today explored the Luberon area and a few of the special spots where the movie "A Good Year" was filmed. In Gordes we visited the restaurant where Max met his love interest, and the fountain where he enjoyed wine. We tried to find the winery that was used as the villa but could not ---so we will call them. Bonnieauex was lovely, and we enjoyed a much needed lunch. The Salade Luberon was perfect with homemade dressing and grilled vegetables. Pictures to be posted. Here is the spot where we...

Tucked Away- Hilltop Towns Of Luberon

Beginning our exploration of the Luberon area of France, just east of Avignon.
The hilltop towns are rich in history and I have a list of special locations that were
used as locations for the movie "A Good Year" which was based on a Peter Mayle
novel. More to come so stay tuned....