Summer is a time when even our adult children come and go with an unexpected ebb and flow. The key for me is patience. Forget my day-timer, or meal-time planning. I am out-numbered and out-thunk. But, alas, I have my secret weapon, and thought I might share it with you today! I pull one or more frozen pizzas from the freezer, depending on the crowd. Yes frozen! I have tried them all and my favorite is the California Pizza Kitchen brand. So as this photo depicts, and reaching for what is simply at hand, and in my herb garden—I used the Four Cheese pizza here and added thinly sliced heirloom tomatoes, basil and graded cheese. Five minutes cutting and 12 minutes in the oven and Voouahla, we have an impromptu dinner. Add a salad if you like, but honestly it is so simple and delicious. Enjoy!


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