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Meet Me At “The 4th Street Market” in Santa Ana

Who doesn’t like the smell of espresso coffee wafting through the air? This is what welcomes me as soon as I open the door to this mega-food emporium. I enter the 4th Street Market, and no matter what time of day or night, I just know to come hungry! Portola Coffee Lab—home of gourmet coffee. Score! As I navigate my way around the loop, I feel like I am back in college, yup, on “the quad”. I am surrounded by food stands, and greeted by friendly, artsy...

Boldo Restaurant— From Earth to Table in Santa Ana

Written by: Guest Blogger- Jamie Wood

Know Thy Farmer.  Who grew the tomatoes in your salad? Who watered the peach tree? Who raised the chicken?  The folks at Boldo, a new type of restaurant located in Downtown Santa Ana’s vibrant and burgeoning new East End, know every farmer, rancher and fisherman that lovingly care for, harvest and hand deliver their products. In fact, they visit the independent farms and ranches, and travel to the seaside to make sure these purveyors meet with the...