One Of The Oldest Restaurants In Europe “La Couronne”

La Couronne in Rouen, France- Auberge La Couronne in Rouen on the du Vieux Marche was established in 1345. A long roll of parchment dating from 1364 provides the authenticity of the deeds. It was a tavern providing food and drink to weary travelers and locals alike. It is regarded as being the oldest restaurant  … Read More

Behind The Kitchen Door- On A Danube River Cruise

A One-On-One Interview – With The Charming Executive Chef Jozsef Lado I recently returned from a fabulous trip in Europe. This trip began, as most do, in Paris. Indeed, there will be many more articles on that in the months to come, including visits to the oldest restaurant in Europe and Paris! After Paris, we  … Read More

How To Do Machu Picchu Without Killing Yourself!

  We start in Lima, Peru. We made plans to tour Lima, and then travel to Machu Picchu via a short flight to Cusco. Our cruise concluded with four more days at sea, and arrived in Lima, Peru. This was a very large port, with cargo ships to the left and right. In the days  … Read More

Living Like a Local In Italy—Means Cooking With The Chefs!

Living Like A Local- Even though it was only for a week, we so enjoyed our time in a 19th Century Villa adjacent to a winery in the hills of Umbria. The winery next door is a family run operation and a fabulous resource for our stay. We visited Poggio Bertaio Winery enjoying  a private tour of  … Read More

This Trifecta Was Perfecta! Amazing Bucket List Trip Visiting Bora Bora, Easter Island & Machu Picchu

Imagine traveling to not one, or two— but THREE amazing spots on the globe! This was a true Trifecta! Just back from a cruise to Bora Bora, Easter Island and Machu Picchu we covered three very special “bucket list” meccas. It just doesn’t get much better than this! I hope you enjoy following along, and  … Read More

Culinary Classes On The High Seas? It Doesn’t Get Any Better Than This!

Have you ever taken a cooking class on-board a cruise ship? Me neither, but this trip we had so many “at sea days” I decided to take some classes. Each class was half day (morning or afternoon) and my goodness did we leave the class full!  On both the Oceania Riviera and Marina ships they  … Read More

Re-tracing Movie Locations in The South of France

Exploring Luberon in The South of France ~ Often “the destination” itself guides me on my pathway for a trip, yet this time my itinerary was inspired entirely by a movie!  I wanted to re-trace the steps and locations featured in the movie “A Good Year.”  Join me on this fanciful adventure as we meander  … Read More

Chef Interivew- Executive Chef Benjamin Hausner on A Viking River Cruise

On a recent river cruise in the south of France, I had the opportunity to learn about life on a river boat. And more specifically—-from the kitchen. The person educating me on all this was none other than our illustrious Executive Chef, Benjamin Hausner. Watching he and his culinary team “in action” on the first  … Read More

River Cruising Through The South of France

This is the sixth article in this Series on France. Journey with us through one of the most talked about regions in France. The countryside is dreamy, the people are approachable, and the essence of Provence is everywhere—-overflowing with bouquets of lavender, robust olive oils, crusty breads, colorful ceramics, delicious cuisine and charming village towns  … Read More

Paris- Monet’s Magical Muse

                  FOR any lover of impressionistic art, and especially artist Claude Monet, here are some very special “not to be missed” places to explore these fine works of art up close and personal. Please enjoy my favorite places when I am in Paris and in need of  … Read More