Passport Renewal – Why Do It NOW If Your’s Is Expiring This Year!

Do you recall about ten years ago, there was the “Western Hemisphere Travel Initiative” which requires Americans to carry passports when they visited Canada and Mexico? Since most passports last for 10 years, that means a lot of people will need replacements this year and next year (2016 and 2017). State Department sources say they  … Read More

New Gadget To Help Travelers Sleep On An Airplane!

The Go Sleep® Travel System is a patented upright sleep system that allows traveler’s a better way to sleep while on an airplane.   By using this device around a headrest it is a perfect solution to avoid the head bobbing, or neck pillows that just don’t work for me. This set includes a fabric covered  … Read More

Where To Turn for “Reliable” On-Line Reviews for Travel & Dining

When I am researching a restaurant or a hotel, I use multiple resources on-line to learn more about them. If I only depend on YELP, for example there is no guarantee that the person was even at the hotel or restaurant. It is based on “Open Reviews”. And there are times when a disgruntled employee,  … Read More

Camera Lens Kit To Instantly Improve Your Smart Phone Pictures!

This is one awesome kit that is so simple to use! What for my dramatically enhanced photos as soon as I receive this from Amazon! Leave it to my social media and web site specialists (Joy and Ian from Comatica) to find a cool gadget that I just have to have. I have a small  … Read More

The Ultimate Luggage, Travel Equipment & Gadget Store—-Offering Seminars Too!

Rooten’s Luggage Store is a mecca for anyone who likes to travel. They have everything you could possible imagine, and the staff is over-the-top helpful. They listen to what you are looking for, at any price point, and try to help you find the perfect solution. (Located right near John Wayne/Santa Ana Orange County Airport.)  … Read More

Pic Stitch- An Easy Photo Application for Making Collages

PIC STITCH – AN APP FOR MAKING INSTANT COLLAGES OF PHOTOS & IMAGES This is a FREE App from the Apple Store, and what a wonderful program this has been for me to use. It will be your new best friend while traveling too, I am sure of it. What I like about this program  … Read More

Quick Shopping Solutions-Travel Gadgets, Luggage & Clothing

Finding “just the right thing” for an upcoming trip can be exhausting. Here is my Short List of “go to” spots for just what I need.  I think you will find it very helpful as well. Magellan’s Travel Supplies- This web site is my favorite, and is chock full of all kinds of helpful  … Read More

OC Fair’s App Rocks!

This App is awesome! 2012 OC Fair. Has a map of each entertainment area (called Attractions) and by day has the concert and event calendar. Also Parking and Off-Site Parking information. Makes it so easy to select which day to visit the Fair when you click on Events. You can see the various performances and  … Read More

Technology to Use When You Travel

Hip Geo A Cool Web Site To Journal A Trip Including Copy & Photos & Timeline!!! This is a great program for not only journaling your trip, or outing, but it notes copy and also your photos. All you need is a Smart Phone! Using GPS it can identify your location and the rest is  … Read More